Mandala Stone Set - ROYGBIV

Mandala Stone Set - ROYGBIV

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These natural stone has been lovingly hand painted by France Havelima with acrylic paints and sealed with gloss varnish. Size is approximately 5.5 inches.

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This mandala stone set is on-hand and owns a design which is unique and one and only.

Stones are signed at the back and is packaged as a gift.

Please note:

*NOT suitable for outdoors/in the garden or submerged in water.

*Some dots may appear to have bubbles/lines but this is the nature of the paint.

*Some stones may have small indents/inconsistencies which are just the surface of the stones and as one of their natural characteristics.

*Please handle with care - scratching, picking and hard pressure will affect the paint job.

*This is not a toy and not suitable for young children. Please be mindful of small children when displaying.

*A request for a reproduction may be accepted but stones to be used are whatever is the available size/shape and the design will not be 100% identical. A  50% downpayment will be required and will take 2 to 3 weeks of time to create.


*Every purchase comes with a gift as the artist's way of wishing you peace, wholeness and love.