Disney Cinderella Dreamcatcher
Disney Cinderella Dreamcatcher

Disney Cinderella Dreamcatcher

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"There is one thing they can't stop you from doing - it is dreaming."


Material: Rattan hoop, specialty paper, crochet yarn, glass beads, miniature glass slippers, lace, feathers

THEME: Cinderella



Height - 24 inches (61cm) 

Main Circle -  8.2 inches (21cm) in diameter

Max. Width - 10.5 inches (27cm)


USE AS: Home Wall Hanging Decor

PACKAGING: All items are carefully packed for shipping in a bubble wrap and cardboard boxes.


1.Based on a Native American legend, bad dreams are deterred by the beads and mirrors of a dream catcher. The good dreams though, pass through the feathers which can grant your family or friends safety, good health, and happiness.

2. Dream catchers are best placed by the window or by the bed so nightmares can get trapped in the web and let the good ones flow through the feathers right to the sleeping person.

3. Perfect gift for ones who believe that dreams are silent wishes of the heart awaiting to come true.


*Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures.