Our Story

In 2017, our founder attended a gathering in the mountains of Rizal where music, arts, dance, and nature were celebrated. Being an introvert and having gone alone, it was the first time that she felt a strong sense of belongingness, freedom, and creativity. She even met and made friends with many fantastic people, both locals and foreigners.

A year later, she decided that she wanted to recreate that amazing experience, through an online platform that will bring artsy people and products together. She also wanted to address issues of accessibility, assortment, and affordability of boho-related items and services in the Philippines. As such, on November 18, 2018, BohoVinta was born.

BohoVinta was created to be an online and offline platform to bring together free-spirited, life-loving, and young-at-heart individuals—who may (or may not) identify themselves as "bohemian" or "boho"—in the Philippines. 

This is where people could explore, express, and experience bohemian in various forms and as a way of life. BohoVinta is strongly inspired by bohemian, vintage, and festival aesthetic and spirit, where creativity, community, culture, and consciousness live and thrive.

Our Vision

BohoVinta aims to be the top choice as an online and offline platform in the Philippines for exploring, expressing, and experiencing everything bohemian: fashion, décor, lifestyle, and events, while enabling collaboration about and cultivation of creativity, community, culture, and consciousness.

Our Mission

To be a valuable venue for established and emerging artists, musicians, performers, makers, and general enthusiasts to connect, collaborate, co-create, and cultivate the bohemian aesthetic and spirit;

To promote, as much as possible, local, handmade, and environment-friendly products that fit the bohemian fashion and lifestyle; and

To foster self-love and self-expression in a creative, life-loving community.

Our Core Values

Creativity - Celebrating artists, crafters/makers, musicians, and performers
Community - Bringing bohemian communities and experiences together
Culture - Honoring the cultures that shaped the boho aesthetic and spirit
Consciousness - Being mindful of the environment, self, and other people

Our Name and Logo

The tipi (or teepee), which means "they dwell" or "house" in Lakota language, is a conical tent commonly associated with bohemian imagery. More than a portable shelter to nomadic tribes in America back then, the Plains Indians considered the tipi as a sacred space. Its symbolisms include community and spiritual connectedness. In our logo, two letters were combined to form the tipi: "B" and "V."

Traditional tipi Vinta boat from Zamboanga, Philippines (inspiration for BohoVinta name)BohoVinta LogoBohoVinta logo (July 2021 onwards)

The letter "B" stands for "boho" or "bohemian," the style and mindset that we highly advocate, and the letter "V" stands for "vintage" and "vinta." Vintage is another aesthetic and vibe that we promote, while vinta is a traditional boat with big, colorful sails in Mindanao.

This boat, which was used to transport people and goods between local islands, allowed exchange and unification of indigenous Philippine cultures through trade--something we also hope to achieve as we sort of become a vinta carrying boho people and goods. With those words combined, we got our name "BohoVinta."

Additionally, the colors used were chosen based on their meanings: creative, free-spirited, youthful, happy, optimistic, and spiritual. The symbols on the tipi include: goddess, enlightenment, man, evolution, and earth.

As of July 2021, the orange version is the one used for better identification.

Our Founder 

A 20-something Filipina, discovered and developed her love for bohemian aesthetic during her college days. Back then, she was doing online reselling of clothes and accessories under her brand, "Fash-Fab Elbi," to earn extra cash for her school expenses.

With exposure to a wide array of accessory designs, she would usually find herself gravitating towards something boho. At the same time, thrift shops near her university allowed her to mix and match outfits at a very low cost, resulting to her more and more curated boho wardrobe.

Aside from fashion, she has always been into arts, such as poetry, illustration, and world music. This pushes her to go beyond her introversion and go alone to many creative events, despite not knowing anyone there. One of these was the mountain gathering in 2017, which not only further ignited her love for boho aesthetic, but also for boho spirit.

The feeling of free-spiritedness and belonging, while being in a supportive space for self-expression and creativity was what she had and still has, so much that she wanted to recreate and cultivate it through BohoVinta. This way, she would be able to do art while supporting other artists in a life-loving community.