Hello, beautiful boho being! Here are some key information we think most of you would like to know more about. 

Please be advised that the website you are accessing is at its testing stage.

1. What does being at testing stage mean?

This means that some website features are NOT yet fully functional, available, integrated, or automated.

For instance, shipping calculation and payment capture are NOT yet integrated in the Checkout Page of the shop. However, receiving of orders can be done.

Letting users access the website during the testing stage allows us to identify, troubleshoot, and improve upon user experience issues, among others, early on.

Noticed a glitch, error, or room for improvement on this site? Please, please message us. We'd really appreciate it.

2. What is the boho aesthetic?

Boho, short for "bohemian," is a style that embodies creativity and culture--a care-free, grounded vibe.

Some characteristics of the boho aesthetic include: bold patterns, funky prints, earthy themes and tones, gemstone colors, fringes, flowy fabrics, and florals.

IN PROGRESS: A comprehensive Boho Style Guide page. Let us know what you'd like to see here (e.g. history, culture, basic looks).

3. What items are available in the BohoVinta marketplace?

The Shop is currently categorized into five: 

  • Fashion includes clothes, accessories, bags, footwear, activewear, swimwear, and other wearables (e.g. facemask).

  • Décor includes dreamcatchers, macramé, crochet, pots & planters, tapestry, dried plants, and other decors (e.g. wall pieces).

  • Homeware includes furniture, lamps & lights, storage & organizer, rugs & carpets, bed & bath, kitchenware, and other homeware.

  • Lifestyle includes yoga essentials, crystals & smudge kits, candle & incense, personal care items, wellness products, sporting goods, and gifts & souvenirs.

  • Creatives Corner includes tools, materials, instruments, and output related to the following boho personalities: Crafter & Maker, Visual Artist, Music Artist, Literary Artist, Travel Junkie, Festival Fairy, and Party Planner.

IN PROGRESS: Kindly note that we are carefully filling up these categories with merchants and products. As such, you may see some pages as "Coming Soon." If you know suitable sellers, kindly refer them to us.

Boho services such as tarot card reading, reiki healing, meditation guide, art workshops, and the like would be welcomed someday. Know somebody who does any of the mentioned practices or similar? Kindly refer them to us, too.

4. Are the items sold on-hand or made-to-order/preorder?

Some items are on-hand, while some are made-to-order/preorder. Kindly read product details carefully for this information.

5. Are the items local, handmade, and eco-friendly?

Many products found and being chosen to be on BohoVinta marketplace are local, handmade, and eco-friendly, BUT NOT ALL--since we are primarily curating based on the items being related to the boho aesthetic and lifestyle.

Some items are all of those (local, handmade, etc.), while some are just any of the three. Moreover, there may be items that do not necessarily fall into those classifications, but are still very boho. Please take time to read the product details and even Seller Pages to get this information.

Nevertheless, all the sellers are locally based and by buying from the BohoVinta marketplace, you get to support small boho businesses in the Philippines.

6. How is the buying done?

Here's a simple guide:

1. Checkout items
2. Receive Updated Invoice Email
3. Settle total amount due (BPI, GCash, PayMaya, or PayPal)
4. Send proof of payment to invoice email 
5. Receive your ordered items

Here's the detailed guide:

Browse and add to cart items just like you would in any other e-commerce sites.
Just make sure that you read product details to be well-informed of things like condition (e.g. pre-loved), availability (e.g. made-to-order), and time to receive the item (e.g. some take 2-3 weeks).

When checking out items, know that you could checkout multiple items from multiple sellers in one go. Though keep in mind the varying policies per product and/or seller. Items may not arrive at the same time. Nonetheless, you may definitely do one-time checkout.

Upon checkout, your contact details, shipping address, and preferred mode of payment will be obtained. As you click the final button that says "Complete order," this means that your order has been received and forwarded to sellers.

Shipping fee, which is shouldered by buyers, is NOT YET CALCULATED and shown on the Checkout Page, while Payment Collection is DONE MANUALLY via email correspondence.

Within 48 hours after you checkout the items, you will receive an Updated Invoice Email, stating your updated bill (with added shipping fee and method), the account number for you to send the adjusted bill to, and the date/s when the items are ready to be shipped (e.g. made-to-order products could take more than 2 weeks). 

In case you ordered multiple items from multiple sellers, kindly expect your adjusted bill to have multiple shipping fees added by EACH seller.

You have another 48 hours to settle the total amount due and reply to the invoice email your proof of full payment. As BohoVinta receives this, your order will be tagged as Paid, prompting to seller to fulfill the order (ship out the items already or start creating them if it's made to order).

IN PROGRESS: As we grow our boho marketplace and boho home in general, we will be eventually integrating processes and features to make transactions smoother.

While we do certain things manually for now, we sincerely hope for your understanding and cooperation. You could always reach out to us for any inquiries at info@bohovinta.ph.

7. What are the marketplace policies? 

Kindly refer to the Buying Guidelines for this.

8. Can I sell my second-hand boho items here?

Yes, you can, as long the items are in good condition. To apply as a seller, please proceed here

9. Can I work with BohoVinta?

It's a one-man team at the moment, so, yes! ^_^

We are always looking for amazing people who could help us develop and manage our boho home. We are a very young business and we welcome any help we can get. We are also open to creative collaborations and mentorship. But, of course, we wish to work with believers of our core values: creativity, community, culture, and consciousness.

If you're interested, please email us (see address below) detailing your intent and the solutions you could offer. Keep it honest and human, no need to be "formal." 

10. What can I look forward to on the BohoVinta website?

Aside from the online boho marketplace facilitating creative and cultural exchange, BohoVinta aims to provide a much broader sense of exploring, expressing, and experiencing bohemian aesthetic and spirit.

For that, we plan to have BohoVinta-led boho gatherings in the future, plus, the Around the Metro page (under Events menu) would contain the collection of similar events in the country.

Furthermore, we also wish to feature beautiful boho people, places, and practices in and out of the Philippines. The rest...would be a surprise!

IN PROGRESS: The Boho Blog. The first categories would be Boho Fashion, Boho Living, and Boho Travels. Got a story to share? We'd love to hear it. Kindly contact us.

If you have inquiries or clarifications not discussed here, you may send us an email at info@bohovinta.ph, with the subject title: Inquiry. Also, feel free to follow/ tag us @bohovinta.ph on Facebook or Instagram. 

Love, light, and gratitude to you, boho being!