BohoVinta Party

Booze, bites, bazaar, beats, black light art, boho souls, and more await in this one-of-kind event built on collaboration and cultivation of creativity, community, culture, and consciousness.

Previous gatherings in 2019

Browse the BohoVinta Party 1 (Bohemian-Gypsy Gathering) Official Photos here.

Browse the BohoVinta Party 2 (Black Light Bohemian Halloween) Official Photos here.

Bohemian Gypsy Gathering Bohemian Psychedelic Halloween

Why do we create this gathering?

  • To provide a venue for established and emerging artists, musicians, performers, makers, and general enthusiasts to connect, collaborate, co-create, and cultivate the bohemian aesthetic and spirit;
  • To promote local, handmade, and environment-friendly products that fit the bohemian fashion and lifestyle; and
  • To foster self-love, self-expression, and a sense of a creative, life-loving community.

"We could only achieve so much in one event day or even a lifetime, and these goals are what we wish to focus on.

We believe that by working together, our message gets amplified and is heard louder. We get to impact, inspire, and influence more people to feel, do, and be better. And it must be 'beyond business,' as usual."

-- MC Lonzano, Founder of BohoVinta

The must-haves for our gathering

  • Arts - creative activities, exhibits, and booths of established and emerging artists
  • Music - DJs and Live band jamming, world music, techno, psy
  • Self-expression - activity or space for self-expression and social interaction
  • One-of-a-kind Merchandise - not just bohemian in style but also local, handmade, and environment-friendly
  • Giving & Receiving - exchange items for free among attendees
  • Food & Drinks - feed the mind, body, and soul

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For everyone's safety, please be advised that no party would be organized until quarantine restrictions have eased up in Metro Manila.

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